Saturday, May 28, 2011

Recent Post, Guest Blog

          Please check out my most recent post, Notes from a Young American in Congo: Orphans on the Edge, for Nicholas D. Kristof of The New York Times.


  1. is there anywhere on this site that has commentary to the photos?
    thank you.. and fabulous work

  2. I live in Bukavu. I live here with my family, we are from the states. About a year ago, I visited an orphanage far from Bukavu that had become quite forgotten. The children looked as you described in your post, but not because of corruption, instead simply because they had been forgotten in the midst of so many other needs in this area of Congo. We have since started raising money to help change what we can, and it is making a difference. Anyway, thank you so much for your post. I can emphasize with much of what you wrote. As we adopted from the orphanage I have since heard so many horror stories (esp. from Kinshasa) of children being manipulated for gain (not at this orphanage, but others). It IS horrible. My blog is and our website is, if you are interested.
    Thanks again for your post. Holly

  3. Hi Amy, We work in Burundi, right next door to you, with MCC. I appreciate your courage and willingness to intervene for justice on behalf of those kids left at the orphanage. I pray you succeed.

    It is hard not to be cynical here as well as a donor organization trying to find trustworthy local partners. Any opportunity to 'hook-up' to foreign aid seems to create opportunities for the exploitation of misery by those who seem to have absolutely no scruples. It feels like a part of the spirit of poverty.

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